FFFUEX Target Dividend Blend Portfolio


The Trust seeks above-average total return. the Sponsor cannot guarantee that the Trust will achieve its objective or that the Trust will make money once expenses are deducted.

Strategy Description

To achieve this objective, the Trust will invest in the common stocks of companies which are selected by applying a unique specialized strategy.

Under normal circumstances, the trust will invest at least 80% of its assets in dividend-paying securities.

The Target Dividend Blend Portfolio is a unit investment trust which seeks to provide broad equity diversification and dividend income by investing in common stocks across various market capitalizations, growth and value styles, sectors and countries. The Trust invests in a fixed portfolio of stocks which are selected by applying pre-determined screens and factors and holds the stocks for approximately 15 months. The Trust is comprised of the two strategies:

Target High Quality Dividend Strategy – 50%

Target Global Dividend Leaders Strategy – 50%

Summary Data

Label Value
Series 1st Quarter 2020
Asset Class
Investment Strategy/Goal
Investment Type/Style