FGITNX SMid Capital Strength Portfolio


The Trust seeks above-average capital appreciation through an investment in a diversified portfolio of common stocks of companies in the investment focus in which the Trust is named.

Strategy Description

The SMid Capital Strength Portfolio invests in common stocks. Under normal circumstances, the Trust will invest at least 80% of its assets in small and/or mid capitalization companies.

Because smaller companies are often less reliant on the capital markets for credit, they can be more nimble and better able to adjust in periods of economic change than large companies. Additionally, this results in generally better balance sheet integrity than large companies. The SMid Capital Strength Portfolio invests in small and mid-size companies. These companies are more likely to be in an earlier stage of their economic life cycle than mature large-cap companies. In addition, the ability to take advantage of share price discrepancies is likely to be greater with smaller stocks than with more widely followed large-cap stocks.

The goal with this Trust is to invest in undervalued companies with strong market positions that, in the Sponsors opinion, have strong balance sheets, skilled management, high liquidity, the ability to generate earnings growth, and a record of financial strength and profit growth.

A diversified portfolio helps to offset the risks normally associated with such an investment, although it does not eliminate them entirely. The companies selected for the Trust have been

researched and evaluated using database screening techniques, fundamental analysis, and the judgment of the Sponsor’s research analysts.

Summary Data

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