FNTXVX Sabrient Baker's Dozen Portfolio


The Trust seeks above-average capital appreciation. There is no assurance the objective of the Trust will be achieved.

Strategy Description

Sabrient Systems, LLC (“Sabrient”) is an independent equity research firm that builds powerful investment strategies by using a fundamentals-based, quantitative approach. The strategies are used to create rankings and ratings on more than 7,500 stocks, indices, sectors, and ETFs. Their models are designed to identify those companies that are anticipated to outperform or under perform the market.

The Trust is a unit investment trust which invests in 13 top-ranked stocks that represent a cross-section of industries that Sabrient believes are positioned to perform well in the coming year. They are GARP stocks—stocks that they believe represent growth at a reasonable price—and they are meant to be held for the full 15-month term of the Trust.

Summary Data

Label Value
Series 1st Quarter 2020
Asset Class
Investment Strategy/Goal
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