FWRSPX Equity Income Select Portfolio


The Trust seeks above-average total return through a combination of capital appreciation and dividend income by investing in a fixed portfolio of equity securities.

Strategy Description

Under normal circumstances, the Trust will invest at least 80% of its assets in equity securities.

The Equity Income Approach.

Many investors are aware that stocks have historically provided higher average annual returns over the long-term than bonds or money market securities. Still, there are those who don’t feel comfortable investing in the stock market with all of its potential volatility.

However, there are many approaches to equity investing, including more conservative ones that have the potential to reduce your exposure to market volatility. The objective of the Sponsor's approach is to achieve the potential for long-term growth of capital while seeking to reduce the extreme fluctuations that oftentimes cause investors to flee the market at the wrong time. The principal hallmarks of the approach are an emphasis on value and finding established companies with above-average dividend yields.

Summary Data

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