FVEXZX Digital World Leaders Strategy Portfolio


The Trust seeks above-average capital appreciation.

Strategy Description

The tasks we do on a daily basis continue to shift to digital sources. This phenomenon is occurring worldwide, not just here in the United States. Every day, the world population shifts more of its workload and daily tasks to online or computerized sources.

This change is broad based and affects any number of industries. Shopping, content dissemination, human interaction, and advertising have all seen significant transitions to online mediums over the last decade and the Sponsor believes that we are still in the early stages of this digital transformation.

This shift in global behavior is typically dominated by large scale companies that tend to be first when bringing a new service or product to market. These companies tend to have the resources to evolve, transform, and acquire as technology changes and consumer demand alters. The majority of these companies provide comprehensive mega-platforms that offer consumers the bulk of the services they require with one convenient payment. As this trend develops and consumers become accustomed, these companies may have a potential advantage over others and according to Pence Capital Management, LLC, these companies are anticipated to dominate their industries.

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