HCOAVX Health Care Opportunities Portfolio


The trust seeks to provide capital appreciation.

Strategy Description

The trust seeks to provide capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of common stocks of companies involved in the health care sector. Eugene E. Peroni, Jr. of Peroni Portfolio Advisors, Inc. (the “Portfolio Consultant”) selected the trust’s portfolio through the application of his proprietary method of technical analysis, the Peroni Method®, and consideration of investment opportunities under the health

care theme. In an effort to reduce risks associated with volatile foreign economies, securities markets and currencies, Mr. Peroni focused on U.S.-based companies, including companies with multinational business exposure, but also considered U.S.-traded stocks of foreign companies for inclusion in the portfolio. Companies within the health care sector include companies involved in biotechnology, medical devices technology, pharmaceuticals, surgical supplies and testing activities.

Summary Data

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Series Series 2019-4
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