BCCAKX Blue Chip Covered Call Portfolio


The trust seeks to provide income and limited capital appreciation.

Strategy Description

The trust seeks to achieve its objective by investing in a portfolio primarily consisting of common stock of companies that the Sponsor considers to be “blue chip” companies (the “Common Stocks” or “Covering Securities”) and U.S. Treasury obligations (the “Treasury Obligations”). Each Covering Security is subject to a contractual right, in the form of Long Term Equity AnticiPation Securities (“LEAPS®”) which give the holder of the LEAPS® the right to buy the corresponding Covering Security at a predetermined price from the trust on any business day prior to the expiration of the LEAPS®. The writing of the LEAPS® generates premium income which is used to purchase the Treasury Obligations.

Summary Data

Label Value
Series Series 2020-1Q
Asset Class
Investment Strategy/Goal
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