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We recognize advisors and investors have different views on the current market environment. At SmartTrust®, we aim to provide investors with a suite of thoughtful solutions for various objectives and market conditions.

Below are a few common themes, and a related UIT strategy for consideration, we’re hearing from our advisor community of late. 

Opportunistic Idea

E-Commerce Ecosystem Trust –  Fact Card

The Trust aims to benefit from the growth of e-commerce related activities. It consists of companies in the E-Commerce Ecosystem, which we define as the network of interconnected functions that comprise the full cycle of the buying and selling of goods and services electronically.


  • Online activity will increase relative to in-store purchasing amid coronavirus safety measures
  • Portfolio is diversified across many sectors and industries that stand to benefit from increases in online activity, not just retailers
  • Online sales growth continues to impress, particularly during key shopping days and seasons such as Amazon’s Prime Day and the holiday shopping season

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Economic Slowdown Idea

60/40 Quality Allocation Trust – Fact Card

At SmartTrust®, we took the well-known 60/40 strategy a step further and created what we believe to be a core “all weather” portfolio by focusing on quality.


  • Current Yield* – 2.34%
  • Focus on Quality
    • Equity (approx. 60%) – Core criteria includes a review of a company’s Debt/Assets, Altman Z-Score, and Analyst Ratings
    • Fixed-Income (approx.. 40%) – Invests in U.S. investment-grade securities via ETFs
  • Structured to help provide for total return opportunities even where economic growth may be slowing or contracting over the life of the Trust

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Income Idea

Tax Free Income Trust – Fact Card

Seeks to provide investors with income which is generally exempt from regular federal income tax. Screens are designed to identify closed-end funds (CEFs) that can support their dividends and best maintain value in adverse market conditions.


  • Current Yield* – 5.76%
  • Investment grade average credit quality
  • Yields are currently attractive compared to both stocks and other, traditional fixed income securities
  • Compelling valuations as a result of recent selling of municipals

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* Current yield is calculated by dividing the Historical 12-Month Distribution per unit by the offer price on 3/23/20.

Past performance is not an indication of future results. Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Investors should consider the Trust’s investment objective, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. This and other information can be found in the Trust’s prospectus which may be obtained by calling 1-888-505-2872 or visiting our website at Read it carefully before investing.

The interest on municipal bonds, unless identified as “taxable” or “AMT” (alternative minimum tax), is exempt from federal income tax, but may be subject to state income tax for residents of certain states. For bonds identified as “taxable,” the income may be subject to federal and state income tax. For bonds designated “AMT”, taxes may exist for certain investors.

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