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UIT Strategy Feature: Advisors Asset Management Ubiquitous Strategy Portfolio


Unit investment trusts (UITs) can be an attractive option for clients looking to invest in specific investment concepts or themes based on market cycles or broader structural changes in the economy. Thematic investing focuses on tactical investment opportunities that could drive market performance in the years to come. The UIT structure may be able to provide strategic and targeted access to investment themes in the marketplace not available in many other investment products.

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Ubiquitous Strategy Portfolio

The Ubiquitous Strategy Portfolio invests in a portfolio of stocks of companies that derive a substantial portion of their revenue worldwide and who Pence Capital Management, LLC (the “Portfolio Consultant”) believe are involved in aspects of the transformation of consumer behavior and a shift in how people transact purchases.

The portfolio of stocks was selected by analyzing factors including: expected market dominance over the next three to five years, relative size within industry sectors based on market capitalization, steadiness of past earnings growth rates and revenue growth, strength of earnings and revenue projections, balance sheet strength, valuation and levels of cash holdings.

Key points to consider

  • Innovations in electronics and information technology have made shopping easier using smart phones and tablets.
  • Consumers no longer need to shop at brick and mortar stores; they can access products, read reviews and make purchasing decisions using the Internet.
  • Consumers can fulfill desires spontaneously without going to brick and mortar stores. In fact, many brick and mortar stores are focused on investing significantly in e-commerce to stay competitive.
  • Consumers are able to purchase products online, pay by credit card and have products delivered to their doorstep wirelessly.

Strategy Performance

3 Year Cumulative Performance

For more performance, risk and expenses analysis, download the latest PDF report for the Ubiquitous Strategy Portfolio.

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