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UIT Investing Offers Three Types of Performance and Risk Metrics

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In order to offer our clients a thorough analysis of a UIT strategy, we have developed formulas to illustrate three different types of performance & risk analysis. These are the Historical UIT “Connection” Performance, UIT Historical “Composite” Performance and the “Per Series” Performance.  This post explains in more detail how these performance & risk metrics are derived and what they represent.

Connection Performance

UIT Historical “Connection” Performance uses a custom algorithm developed by UIT Investing that employs a defined process to re-create an invested return of a strategy. We based this algorithm on the rollover process traditional investors typically follow when investing in a UIT strategy for long periods of time and over multiple series of the strategy. This process provides an actual invested return of a strategy over 3, 5, or 10-year time periods.

Using this algorithm and defined process, the performance is a re-creation of an actual investment in a UIT strategy by connecting applicable series of a strategy over the timeline of the investment. The timeframe is date-driven to the day of the report.

Composite Performance

UIT Historical “Composite” Performance uses custom issue tracking and a defined formula to create a historical performance return of a strategy. We derive this by utilizing the average daily performance of the outstanding series of a UIT strategy. This process includes all outstanding series of a UIT strategy during the measured time period.

Using this tracking method and formula, the process provides a calculated performance of a strategy over 3, 5, or 10-year time periods. The timeframe is date-driven to the day of the report.

Per Series Performance

UIT “Per Series” Performance provides the performance of each individual series of a UIT strategy. In these metrics, we derive the performance by utilizing data from the deposit date up to the termination date and/or current date of the series.

The performance requires a minimum of 10 trading days to calculate performance and risk metrics.

We value your feedback

We hope that the multiple performance processes we use provides the information necessary to fully evaluate a UIT strategy.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions and feedback at  We’re here to help make UIT investing easier for our clients.

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